Positive Impact: Making Change Happen

Expert project management support and a creative approach to problem solving can be invaluable in addressing complex organisational issues – bringing clarity and simplicity and creating key messages around which people can engage. Our approach to making positive change happen adopts a structured approach to project management, articulating key values visually around a clear set of programme objectives.

This is typified by our work with Stoneywood Care Services, a specialist provider of residential care and supported independent living.


Prior to engaging Eden, Stoneywood enjoyed only limited recognition and awareness. The organisation had no consistent visual identity and found the process of communicating their unique approach to their stakeholders challenging.

We developed a new brand identity; devised an innovative stakeholder engagement process; defined core values and a vision for Stoneywood – creating values that are clearly articulated and easily understood. We additionally developed the concept of ‘Journeys and Pathways’ within the brand development and organisational change process.

Above all, we took time to understand our client.

The values and opinions of each individual and stakeholder group were captured within a proactively managed and implemented change programme. The organisation’s core principles of ‘Value’, ‘Respect’ and ‘Dignity’ are prominently conveyed within the new brand and strapline and in our design work for Stoneywood Care Services’ website.

 Stoneywood Care Services - Website

A strong and engaging suite of communication material is now in place, developed from the stories of individuals and teams within the organisation.

The value of having a fully developed communications strategy is greatest where individuals and teams feel directly impacted by the process of change. This can most easily be seen in organisational and business change programmes where motivation and attitude have a crucial effect on the success of project outcomes.

Today, in all walks of life, change is constant. It is against this backdrop that a properly considered and implemented change management methodology with a focus on expert written and visual communications can enhance and accelerate transformation, and significantly improve the success of your project.

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