Mapping The Future: Falkirk TIF

Eden supported EY and Falkirk Council by designing and producing maps and illustrations for incorporation into the Falkirk TIF Business Case, culminating in us designing and producing the Business Case Executive Summary which accompanied the submissions made to Scottish Futures Trust and the Scottish Government. We were delighted to be asked to continue our involvement with this high profile project with press launch materials and displays used at the national launch on 5 August 2013 attended by senior members of Falkirk Council and Nicola Sturgeon, Deputy First Minister.

Future Thinking
The £67 million Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) initiative is an innovative project brought forward by Falkirk Council, in partnership with the Scottish Government and Scottish Futures Trust. The Council is amongst the first in the UK to proceed with such a venture, anticipated to attract investment of over £400m and the completion of c400,000sqm of business space – ambitions for the Falkirk area that tap into its strengths as the centre of the nation’s chemical sciences industry, Scotland’s second largest export industry, and with 60% of Scotland’s population within a 60 minute journey, a central location of national significance, at the heart of Scotland’s transport and logistics networks.

Falkirk TIF brochure by Eden CG Falkirk TIF brochure by Eden CG Falkirk TIF brochure by Eden CG

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