Casting a New Identity

Ballantine Castings have a rich and extensive history which can be traced back over 150 years. Still in family ownership and based in its original location in Bo’ness, the company delivers high quality foundry engineering and specialist castings throughout the UK and beyond.

Eden was approached by Ballantine Castings to design and develop a new brand identity. Our objective: to represent Ballantine’s long standing history of traditional craftsmanship while creating a modern and striking visual impression reflecting the organisation’s versatility and future aspirations.

Casting a New Identity - Ballantine Castings Falkirk

Re-focusing the brand towards the firm’s three main sectors of activity: architectural, engineering and construction, we set out to simplify and more clearly communicate the foundry’s strengths, experience, and capabilities.

Focusing on Ballantine Castings’ dedication to quality workmanship and bespoke detailing the new identity formed a simplified icon that can be reproduced on a range of outputs from print to digital media. A brand that’s been designed and built to last.

Casting a New Identity - Ballantine Castings Falkirk

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