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Falkirk Live

FalkirkLive! A New Music Festival

Falkirk is gearing up to play host to a brand new music festival. With over 150 musicians playing over the weekend, Falkirk Live! presents a celebration of music with its roots in blues and jazz, but reaches out to cover funk, soul, classical, folk, and indie music.

Future Forward - Future Proofing

Future Forward – Future Proofing

An annual report is one of the most important vehicles for internal and external communications that a company can produce. It contains a depth of information that can have a lasting and positive effect on staff and stakeholders.

We were commissioned by Paragon Housing Association to create an annual report that would engage and inform stakeholders about the Housing Association’s positive progress over the year.

Dream Big, Start Now

Dream Big, Start Now

August has arrived! Every expert was once a beginner so it’s time to dream big and start now. This month, inspired by John Lennon’s 1971 classic, it’s time to flip those Eden calendars and download your new Imagine screen wallpapers.

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